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Here you are: exactly the same piece at:




$3999.99 !



Lots more there to choose from.

All very clearly from the same factory.

All with certificates of authenticity.



If only the buyers would check to see what genuine cartonnage normally looks like. That said, these are also clearly inspired by the papyrus of Ani.

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As I said, lots of them.

If you have bought any of these or similar you nedd to get your money back!

They wouldn't cost you some $4000 where they are made in Egypt, but probably 100 times less.



I don't have the patience to put them all here but if you are unsure if you have unfortunatley acquired one of these, ask me: I can put you in touch with someone who has downloaded the photos of more or less the entire stock of that gallery.

However to balance things up from a visual point of view, here are some genuine cartonnage fragments.



August 2012.



A realy silly fake>>>>