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There are several large websites which offer very  badly made "Ancient Egyptian" faience amulets; and also such dreadful things already set on necklaces of faience beads,  most of which are  fake too.

These are so terribly bad that one cannot believe that anyone would fall for them. But I am quite often contacted by people who have bought such things and though any real collector  would not be fooled, as many new buyers, who are not really colectors as such at are fooled, I thought I should  illustrate these dreadful things here.

First of  all let's take a quick look at  the extremely ridiculous : but apparently  some people do buy them in the belief that they are real ancient amulets.



One level "up" from such appalingly ridiculous things are such as these: which are also offered on strings of  fake ancient faience beads.




On one website it is offered thus:


(Turquoise Blue) Ancient Egyptian Faience Amulet of Mut-Anqet-Nekhbet "Grandmother" Goddess Upper Egypt and Nubia. Mounted onto Faience Tube Bead Necklace.

ATTRIBUTION: Ancient Egypt, Ptolemaic Dynasty, Ptolemy I Soter I (?), 323-285 B.C.

CONDITION: Excellent, 95% faience glaze intact, exceptionally sharp detail preserved. Professionally conserved.



And ......


A certificate of authenticity (COA) is available upon request. We prefer your personal check or money order over any other form of payment - and we will ship immediately upon receipt of your check.



On another large website we find it as well:



Here it is offered thus:


Blue/green faience amulet of an Egyptian Queen or Goddess in profile. Loop at the top for wearability. Ptolemaic.

Your Price: $120.00




All items come with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity along with supporting documents about the culture and artifact.

We also offer a "no hassle" return policy on all of our merchandise.  We hope you enjoy browsing our antiquity collection. Feel free to give us a call if you would like to place an order or have any questions!


Interestingly they offer it in various colours!




I noticed something when looking at these websites.....

Can you see what I noticed?



This is the third image above lightened  so that you can see it better.



It is well illustrated  by these "triad" amulets which they offer also in different colours.



The same piece  photographed from slightly different angles and then the  colours chaged in a photo editing programme....or is it that they are actually different coloured pieces made from the same mould?

Look at each in terms of the small blemishes and marks on the pieces; they are replicated exactly in each photgraph.


While we are about it , it might be useful to some of you to see genuine exampes of these types side by side with these horrible fakes.


The Sekhmet aegis amulet:



The triad amulet of Isis, Horus and Nephthys.



Lots  more where these silly fakes came from.




More fakes side  by side with genuine examples.