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It has generally been thought that these are not made  by the fakers.


This was acquired on eBay.


It is , as you see it is a known one:  The First prophet of Amun in the mortuary temple of Thutmose III, Iahmose.  A good choice for a fake cone?: as they are particularly rare.


But.............. How many complete funerary cones does one come across?


Well one does, though more often the tips have either broken off or have been cut off.  (Flinders Petrie deliberately cut down all the cones he brought back from Egypt.)


This is it: I had it in my hands for a while.

Wet it and have a sniff..........

The thing in question is on the left.


It smells of fresh terracotta. The other smells of dank caves.

(The wet and smell test is of course not infallible!)

(More about this in the sections on authenticity)

But look at the surface and compare: the thing is at the centre  here.

(The others are some from my own collection)

It's well done!

The piece is made from a mould taken from a genuine example I would think.

If you have comes across another fake funerary cone I'd be really very interested to hear from you.



29th August 07

Another fake funerary cone from the same seller ....who knows full well that everything he sells is fake.

This one is made from a moulding taken from an example of Davies & Macadam number 170.


If you send something back he will say it didn't arrive.

Will not refund money.


April 30th 08 (a few months later)

From a different seller who offers very clearly fake cones (see next page) this one again.

Davies  & Macadam. N. 170. Merymose

Honoured by Osiris, king's son of Kush, Merymose.

A large number of Merymose cones apeared on the market in the mid 1980s.



Here is a genuine example for comparison.

The copying has been well done.



From Dan

26th March  08


Looks like SPIFFY is at it again under Bargain4treasures with a Funerary cone (160221558193)

Does not look right to me? Of course most of her items are questionable.


Thanks for  that.

A very poor attempt at a fake!

Appears to be a very poor attempt to copy Davies & Macadam, cone 201 for



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