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On his website.

Though the press release says $250,000, it's for sale at only $90,000 



"..... painted with the  four sons of Horus (Imsety, head of a man; Hapy, head of a baboon; Kebechsenef, head of a falcon; Anubis, head of a jackal). One vertical row of hieroglyphics is also visible"


This is nonsense.

Anubis  has nothing to do with the Four sons of Horus.

The one he refers to with the jackal head is Duamutef.

(NB: He must have seen this page as he subsequently changed that, corrected it)



Let's take a closer look.



Is it a typical 18th dynasty sacophagus?  NO.


  • Terracotta sarcophagi are found in the New Kingdom; sometimes called "Philistine type" or "slipper coffins" with large and often rather grotesque faces modeled on the lids. But the overall form was different from this one.

  • We will come to this specific type of sarcophagus in due course.
  • No, this "sarcophagus" is a modern fantasy piece. But as it is offered for a lot of money as ancient, and with a certificate of  authenticity, it is reasonable to call it a fake.


Just to know what on earth  they would say, I asked two Egyptologists.

They prefer to remain anonymous here.

They said:

  • Not a chance! Or else I'll eat it. All of it. But in that case it would be a waste of an authentic antiquity, of course.


  • Indeed this is one of the most monstrous fakes I ever saw - and this at such a price! It's a mad mad world...


What's also interesting about this silly fake sarcohagus is that you can buy it here as well....but for rather more, one cent short of $171,000 !

(Was subsequently "reduced" to $90,000 as well)



I was telling people here 15 years ago! Took a long long time for the authorities to catch up.




I mentioned "slipper coffins" above....

Like this one.

Complete slipper coffins are very rarely on the market but there are the anthropomorphic lids offered from time to time.


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And of course with everything you might acquire there comes the wonderful guarantee:

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