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These tourist trinkets, with fairly nicely made backs, but badly done undersides will not give  any scarab collectors any problem but seemingly a lot of newbies fall for them.


More from the same seller.

Notice the consistent factory style.

Could only be  bought by people who know absolutely nothing  about scarabs or Egyptian hieroglyphs. But they sell in large quantities.

Really surprising that anyone buys such as these believing them to be genuine.



December 2015

I receive many emails from people asking for opinions.

These are some of the very implausible scarabs on eBay I've been asked about over the last few months. I accept that some of the the sellers really believe they are ancient.


Amazing that these manage to get sold as genuine ancient scarabs



Although  they can be purchased for not much money on eBay as 'Grand Tour' of course they are not.

They are very poorly made modern tourist souvenirs which can be bought for a few dollars or in Egypt.