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On the previous page  I mentioned "series" of scarabs; type classes which bear  some similarity in form and content.


One finds such series of the forgeries as well!


Here are a few from the same workshop. Their common origin is, I think pretty obvious, as is their inauthenticity.


Note that the way they are incised is wrong. The patterns of sign though mimicking hieroglyphs falls well short of reality (even taking onto account the occurence of "corrupted" and incorect hieroglyphs on some  types of scarab) and fundamental mistakes have been made in the copying of these signs.




3rd July 06

The only reason I'm showing this fake here is because the seller, quite uniquely in my experience, said thanks and took it off after I told them it was a fake.






The sellers of these however took no notice.

Really dreadful fakes.

Not realy hieroglyphs. Vaguely , sort of.....




Nor did the sellers of these take any notice

It seems that fakers like to sell pieces with something on the back.

Yes, some genuine scarabs do have designs and sometimes a cartouche on the back, but they are not these!



Here is a genuine one with a double feathered cartouche of Thothmes III on the back.




But not this one!



Seller had many of them.


The seller writes:

We use the proceeds of our sales to buy used notebook computers, study and reference materials, and provide meaningful part-time and full-time employment for our undergraduate and postgraduate association members. We also help support other institutions and organizations within Russia involved in the study of anthropology and archaeology.

All purchases are backed by an unlimited guarantee of satisfaction and authenticity. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a complete and immediate refund of your entire purchase price.

Before feeling reassured by this, take a look here and here  and here as well!




Such are available from other sellers too.



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