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    From Tom

26th December 06.


Here is a good example of the new Lebanon made shabti fakes!


Only as a warning to people without much knowledge about faience...



   From Tim

We have mentioned these shabtis in the past as likely fakes,so it's nice to have confirmation from you on this.One thing which I thought odd about them was the curved front to the base pedestal - though further research shows that some Ptolemaic shabtis DO have this feature. I now have two in hand, one of which is Nesu-Hetep-Taui which you found in Schlogl for me some years ago, the other a more recent but illegible acquisition.


 From Tom

 * ). This acid damage glass and makes also white iridicensce!

I have held many many of these pieces in my own hands from a Lebanese
dealer names Robby who sells to many London dealers even after I
told him that they are fakes!.




*It is is :  Hydrofluoric Acid

 CaF2 + H2SO4 → 2HF + CaSO4

 It  used, amongst other things, to etch glass


You are bidding on an extremely attractive Ancient Egyptian Faience Funerary statue or Ushabti, dating to approximately 600 BC.

This Faience glazed Ushabti is one of the finest quality of its type we have ever seen. It is exceptionally well rendered in the finest Egyptian naturalistic tradition. The face and hands are particularly well defined and sensitively treated.

The mumiform figure is shown holding the hoe and pick, implements which the figure would use to perform manual agricultural labour for the deceased in the afterlife. The figure is also shown wearing the tripartite wig andbeard of osiris with a seed back over his right shoulder. A back-pillar supports the figure to the rear.

Height: 6 inches.

Intact, Unrestored.

A spectacular Ancient Egyptian Ushabti.

Good Luck with this Bargain NO RESERVE auction.

We only sell genuine guaranteed ancient art. Please show an expert for peace of mind.





8th June '10

This Lebanese manufactured fake continues to circulate on the market.

Another offered in Australia. On the right.



More obvious from the rear views. Notice the basket and especially how the top of the back pillar is indented compared to the bottom of the back of the wig.


None for some time and then a few years later... (2013)



From Dik,

18th december 06

I also inspected the shabtis from this series. Apart from the stylistic failures (face, feet), the shabti is too heavy.



16 years after I first brought this  type of fake to attention.......

Auction houses still falling for them.

But this one withdrawn after they were alerted to their mistake.

How genuine faience ushabtis DON'T look

28th May '10


Rather well made forgeries which appear to  come from the same factory as the one above unfortunately continue to be offered for sale at various websites. It does appear that some perfectly honest dealers have been duped by these.


The one below left, on offer for $25,000.



Some variation of the tools held but the basket on the back remains the same.




Said to be:

Ex Dr H. Baxter Collection Melbourne.

Ex B Stephenson Collection Melbourne


Over 4,500 Euros.



Worth a closer look.




And another....


More of these appearing on the market! See here.


There is a strong suspicion that these also come from the same source.



Quite a lot of them around: different sizes.




 From Gary D

17th May 07

Some pictures of two pieces purchased off Ebay by my family as a Christmas present in 2005. On receipt both pieces had been broken through poor packing which distressed my family greatly but clearly demonstrated to me they were fake.


They both are made of a fine white cement mix with no change in colour toward the edges and to make matters worse the colour rubbed off on your hands when handled. I did not press my family for details other than to ask my son where they came from and and did he have any certificates/ guarantees. The reply was Ebay and the seller said on his site they were guaranteed to be genuine Egyptian Antiquities and had been in his family for many years.



Brief Comment on each Shabti.



Item 1


The smaller shabti is 15cm tall and is quite attractive with reasonable hieroglyphs, reading on the lines of" the illuminated one , the great Osiris, the stone"


There is no pillar at the back nor is there any sign of implements and at a guess would say it was meant to be Late New Kingdom at best. The biggest giveaway was the material the shabti was made of. After that it went downhill from there. As stated the colour comes off every time you handle it. Not exactly a cream glaze!



Item 2


The larger shabti is 30cm tall and said to be Isis. This piece is cruder than the smaller shabti in all respects and you can notice on the rear right shoulder the colour has all but wiped off leaving behind a fine cement surface. On the face the colour actually started peeling of in flakes and certainly was not a glaze.



What else can one say?




More fake shabtis I'm afraid