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The T bar fake shabtis on the previous page are turning up with very similar quality fake Padi Aset shabtis.

Padi Aset shabtis appear to have had  particular attention from the fakers.


These below are some of the less well done fakes.


And these below are the more recently made and much better made fakes.


Several dealers have been fooled by these (including myself briefly,  and one of these images is of that very piece). Another two images here originally have now been removed after I received a 'request'  to remove them. Was hardly necessary as any dealer could be fooled by some of these. I think it's very important that such images are available to others so that this fake will become harder for the crooks to sell.


They are also now appearing on eBay on offer from people who know nothing about antiquities though probably do know that these are fakes! Coming in several sizes and many with altered and changes surfaces.



These actually came out initially with an error in the hieroglyphs but this has now been "fixed".


There are  still some particular features of these fakes which are coming out in several sizes, which give them away. But I have no intention of saying here what those faults are! We do not need the fakers to improve their craft!


There is also rarer (fake) variant with the glyphs not confined to the front panel.


One particular type of fake Padi Aset is now appearing together with the other "T bar fake" (as on the previous page) on offer from eBay general sellers . Not surprising as they are made in the same factory. 

See the pics at the  bottom of the previous page.


November 2009.

Still more apearing; this one at an auction. but also some genuine ones.

On left  fake, on the right genuine.