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7th April 08.

There is this new seller on eBay , egsources

who though selling nonsense such as......

He does nevertheless have such as these, which may be a bigger trap for newbies.

You  can see more about these types of fakes here.


Meanwhile back on eBay.....



He writes........


Hello...this is David Pride, Vice President of Trust & Safety. I'm sure you will have read media reports over the past few days concerning a French court ruling in a lawsuit against eBay.

We want you, our customers, to understand how much we do behind the scenes to stop counterfeits from ever making their way onto our sites (see eBay Against Counterfeits and eBay VeRO for more information). We've invested millions of dollars into combating the problem of counterfeits. In 2007 alone, across all eBay sites around the world, we removed over 2 million potentially counterfeit listings, and we suspended over 50,000 sellers whom we believed may have been attempting to sell fake goods.

While recognizing the importance of fighting counterfeits, we do not agree with overly broad attempts to protect uncompetitive commercial practices of authentic items at the expense of consumer choice. This threatens the livelihood of our law-abiding sellers and the ability of our buyers to get great deals. Overzealous implementation of restrictive sales practices are anti-competitive and give you, our buyers and sellers, a bad deal. This is recognized by European Union policy-makers who are seeking to create a better framework for online sales to promote e-commerce in Europe.

eBay will continue to fight against counterfeits, but we will not accept outdated attempts to restrict unfairly the Internet to the detriment of our Community. We will continue to fight for consumer value through e-commerce, and we will be appealing the ruling in France.

David Pride
Vice President, eBay Trust & Safety

  From Danny

1st April 09

The seller of this piece, who claims to be an archaeologist and who has a website has sold heavily on eBay for many years.

He wrote this in an email soon after it was acquired.




Danny writes:  He even translated the hieroglyphics for me. "Ahmose, Radiating forth as the rising Osiris, Psammus."  I also have a certificate from "Cultrual Artifacts, Old and New" of Salem, Oregon.

Let's look at the shabti now!


The real irony is in the certificate!



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