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30th April '10


A particular type of fake ushabti which  has been on the market recently.



Notice the frequently seen characteristic very glassy surface and the fake inscriptions often very obviously by the same hand.


April 2012.

After a while with none appearing, they are back again on various websites like eBay!


January 2013

Another has turned up.


And another three in Australia. (April 2014)

And then a pair on eBay in 2015.




Do you notice something especially wrong here with these two below?



And yet another  variant of this type of fake

And with the whip in the other hand.



They continue to be a popular from of fake.

On offer from a major specialist auction house!

And this one? Note the enormous size.

This particular form of  fake often makes the same mistake as those two above where I asked if you notice something especially wrong.

Here is yet another. Do you see it?



If you don't know what I'm  talking  about (I don't want to give too many  hints to the makers of fakes) email me and ask.


These two on offer at the same time by the same so called antiquities  dealer.

Can you see what's  wrong with them?



Very occasionally you will come across a Third Intermediate Period overseer ushabti  holding a hoe rather than a whip and then what I'm drawing  attention to here might not apply.


May 2010

Though these above may well fool many collectors, this pair below really shouldn't have fooled the well known auction house where they were offered. (They were withdrawn from the sale a few days before it went ahead.)



Note the tools held.


A pair of hoes.


See how many  Late Period shabtis holding two hoes you can find!

More of these forgeries here. 

And  some others probably from the same factory.



Look closely.

They are from the same mould.

Yes, a variable number of  shabtis from the same group may well come from the same mould.........

But look at these two along with two others


All from the same mould. You can see the same flaw repeated.


These are fooling many sellers.


To summarise....

They keep coming and sometimes very expensive.


Though these above, on this page are quite well made fakes, we must remember that brand new collectors and non colectors who just want a shabti will very often fall for such as these. They come with certificates of authenticity after all.


I try to cater to both brand  new collectors and quite seasoned collectors on this website.


What amazes me is that people who don't know about such things nevertheless are  not puzzled by the pretty obvious fact that these very silly fakes all come from the "workshop" !



More from this seller here>>>>



Actually, it's quite common for sellers of fakes to sell several shabtis (or amulets, or whatever...) which are clearly of the same sort of manufacture.

That's because they buy from the same little factory in Egypt turning outhese tourist souvenirs.


Such as these from the same seller.

Same mould: different colour.

Or is it a variant mould?

Can't quite decide if the cartouche is on the other as well.