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July 2012

What do these shabtis have in common?



All for the same person.

All from the same mould.

 You can buy one here on eBay.




It comes with an interesting museum ticket.

But one  hopes that all buyers read the text carefully!



"Fully guaranteed to be from Andrews' studios ...."

That is, a guarantee that it is a fake made by the  forger John Andrews.

Some he sells the same with other interesting documentation!




So he made quite a few of them did he?

Well............... did he

His certificate guarantees that he made them.

Actually, you can buy these from someone is the States.

They are made by someone else.


.'s the very same one.


The maker of these seller says....



So, not made by John Andrews the master forger after all?

He writes on eBay:

The Phosphene Gallery are the exclusive UK representatives of retired British art forger John Andrews. Andrews' work has been featured in numerous Television Broadcasts and the International Press, and has been shown in major exhibitions at London's Victoria & Albert Museum and Bolton Museum alongside other notorious counterfeiters Shaun Greenhalgh, John Myatt, Robert Thwaites and Ashley Russell. His work as a Painter, Photographer and Forger is now highly collectable with examples being known to exchange hands for thousands of pounds. Each work of art we offer at auction is Fully Guaranteed to be from Andrews' studios and is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


Nothing new really.

Mr andrews used to pretend to sell genuine antiquities too.


You can read about his crookery >>>here


He sells these too.

Both complete and fragmentary.



And also with an assortment of fake documentation.



True, if one reads the documetns carefully, they are not entirely meant to decieve. They contain little "jokes".

One of the jokes concerns the apparent author of the second series of certificates, Mr Abdel Rahim el Shaer.




Each work of art we offer at auction is Fully Guaranteed to be from Andrews' studios and is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.



This is a copy of a a shabti, very wel known, for Psamtek , son of Sebarykhyt,  not actually Psamtek son of Batertirdis as Mr Andrews' documentation states. The one on the left is the shabti for Psamtek son of Batertirdis.



Andrews doesn't make these either.

He buys them  from the British Museum.

He just labels them incorrectly.



Here is one I bought.

Compare to the ones Mr A sells: the ones he claims to have created.


"His" has a casting flaw on the wig and on the cheek. But moulds do deteriorate.

Otherwise compare the finer details and flaws.



He doesn't make them either.

He  buys them  from the British Museum.


He also sells these, also claiming to have created them.

Puts them on a stand with a fake old label.

 The one  underneath,  I bought from the actual maker: see below.




He has also marketed the well known Padi Aset fakes, documented in this section website, and also claiming that they are his own work.

He doesn't make them. He buys them from makers of replicas shabtis and  deliberate fakes in Egypt. He apparently adds the spurious labels though.

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