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The fake shabtis Mr andrews markets in large numbers are  not that well made that most experienced collectors would mistake them for genuine.

But the labels are a problem.

Keep  an eye open for these.


  • In some of the labels there are little "jokes".  But with the majority there are  not.

  • I have suggested to Mr Andrews that he puts these "jokes" into all the fake labels. This would make it les likely  that they could be used fraudulently by others at a later date.

  • But he shows no interest at all in doing this. He appears to not care at all  should these "replicas" be later offered as genuine antiquities.


Just to change the topic for a moment: you will notice I have shown the spurious label there for the supposed Ankh Wah Ib Re Sa Neit shabti.

Well, very strangly, we find fakes supposedly for the  same  name elsewhere!

These three.



From well known sellers of large quantities of very low end forgeries.

One of them sells it in both green and blue!



It's really a great shame that nonsense like this gets put onto so called educational websites.


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