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I said on the previous page 'watch out for these faces'

And so soon a few more appear.




This auction company, for a while was very succesful, eventually went bust!

Are we surprised?



And....... of course, sooner or later...more of them.


Athough these fakes are from the same manufacturer they are larger than the others shown here.

These appear to be between 120mm and 125mm whereas the more common smaller ones are approx 103mm there are also some between 113mm and 116mm.

Worth documenting these from the auction house at the top of the page, even though they are not made to deceive: they are simply  tourist souvenirs.

It is astonishing that a large  auction house which stresses the point that it has  many experts to authenticate their offerings can make such mistakes.

I do not believe that there is any intention to deceive here. This auction house has simply not utilised appropriate expertise.











UPDATE - auction December 1st.


Another dozen from the same auction house.


A really glossy very obviously brand new looking one.



Here is  one offered honestly as a reproduction


Whew!  Sold for £1,118

Several eBay sellers of 'antiquities' doing this...




These are still fooling many sellers who appear to genuinely believe they are ancient.

"Condition: extremely fine, nice quality with dusty calsification and light deposits"
Well, seeing it's less than 15 y ears old I'm not surprised it's in fine condition.

Provenance ...... "formerly in another very old German Collection, 1960s."
Oh dear. Simply impossible.



And the rather large "reproduction" below sold for a lot of money.You will find them all over the place.A collector I know contacted them to tell them but they were unable to take the information seriously enough.


More from this auction house>>>>

Here is one bought on eBay for very little money

Was sold as a reproduction



This type is made in two variants with and without striations in the  wig .

Also made is various different surface types.



Has been sold as genuine in the past.


These large fake shabtis are sometimes sold along with a particular series of the

fake Padi Aset shabtis , ( the three medium sized ones on the  right)

and the one on the extreme right  as well, as they come from the same factory.



When these are broken one can see the inside which confirms that they are not manfactured in the manner in which ancient faience shabtis were manufactured - particularly in repect of the firing temperature.


They keep coming.....


eBay seller ended the listing immediately on being informed that it is not ancient.





Here is another one. The seller offers this as a named ushabti! The hieroglyphs are well formed on this fake but there is no name there and no ushabti spell either. However this seller on catawiki even provides a COA!





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