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This seller with two eBay accounts (an earlier third account was deleted by eBay) offers a wide range of fake Egyptian antiquities and a few other  non Egyptian pieces.

All come with warrantees of authenticity.



You  can see more of this sellers offerings of fakes on eBay

and on LiveAuctioneers, >>>>here


This is one of the better fakes shabtis on the market.

Made from a mould taken from a genuine ushabti of

Tious son of Taideret.



It comes in two versions, with and without a stripped tri-partite lappet wig.


I am not going to say anything at all  about how one can be certain it is essentially a reproduction. It is well made  enough and one  does not want to let the maker know how to improve the deception.

One has already sold on eBay with a certificate of authenticity.

This was, as far as I know the first one which was sold on eBay.



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