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A few years ago this was on offer.

$14,000  and 'on hold'


See this.....?


'Merdad Sadihg' (sic)

Amazingly the  seller here seems  not to have heard of him.


States also 'It comes with ... forensic laboratory report ... authenticating..'

Not sure why a forensic lab need be involved. But let that pass.


The lab (not in existence any more) was called 'Orenda' in Sante Fe


Here is another example of this ushabti.

The same type.


This one also came  with the lab report and authentication.


None of the information on this supposed certificate of authenticity

can be construed to actually support its conclusion.

Although there is other information online about Orenda Labs

I gather that they did have  some genuine expertise with Chinese jade but certainly not  with Egyptian ushabtis!




 Another seller, (no longer in business) who  we know to have been closely associated with the person who used to run that 'lab'  also sold many of these.


Here is what this seller used to say..


More from this seller here


Someone bought one of these  and sent me photos.

He bought it here.


Not quite 'Merdad Sadihg' (sic) as mentioned above, but from here

Sells in a variety of colours.

 With a certificate of authenticity of course.



His translation of the hierioglyphs.



'Ankh-wah-ib-Ra-Sa-Neit,  Child of (name unclear)'




Oh dear, oh dear







And finally, yet another  two ...



By  the way, there was a real General called Ankh-wah-ib-Ra-Sa-Neith

(the son of Psamtek and Istemkhebi)

but this is not one of his shabtis

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