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Be aware that there are fakes of this type of rather plain but  fairly distinctive

Late Period ushabti on the market.

They are made from a mould taken from a genuine original  but have been reduced in size.


The originals are always at least  95mm

The reproductions are always 91m or less

The originals are an off-white or creamy colour

very occasionally with a hint of green


Some of the 'fakes' are quite strongly coloured.


Not at all easy to distinguish from only photos but in hand the surface of the fakes is clearly wrong.


A fairly new ushabti fake type.


Come is a variety of sizes.

The commonest found are between 162mm and 165mm

There are less common ones both smaller and a larger.

These are based on a genuine ushabti for

Nes-ptah, Sameref Priest, born of Tayes-shepset-hert

There are very few of the genuine one around. The vast majority of these are fakes. Some are quite well made, some less so.


These is also a variant with a striated wig.

The inscriptions are the  same though a few have an additional last line as shown below.


The colours vary , blue, green and a light beige green:

both matte and glossy surfaces



Some betray their falsity quite blatantly as above second and last.

If you can't see it , ask me.

I don't intend  publicizing  that feature too much as  fakers look at website like this one.


Often they have been deliberately broken and repaired.

Sometimes the deliberate damge has been 'helpful' if you see what I mean.


Well, from only photos,  even museum curators and Egyptologists  might not be able to tell.

See this about a seller of fakes in Egypt boasting that he only sells genuine things.

I bought one so as to be able to show better photos.

Doesn't leave any room for  doubt!

These are the two principal sellers of these, both in the UK.

Both sellers have been informed by several people that they are fakes.


Not surprising to discover that they can be bought in Cairo.

On eBay as reproductions.


Several eBay sellers of 'antiquities' doing this.



Still selling frequently on eBay and often made to look more ancient.



Still selling well on eBay, very cheaply, as tourist souvenirs.

But many sellers still buying them to re-sell as ancient.

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