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Someone sent me photographs of two "foundation cones " he had bought  with a request that I read them for him.

Oh dear.

This has motivated me to place these warning photographs here.


The shape and size is correct.


Interesting colours though!

The "cuneiform" writing is totally nonsense.


Have a look in this section so that you can compare with genuine foundation cones.

Look at the surface appearance too.



April '10

More on the market now; same seller.




Here are two "reproductions/replicas" only one of which is reasonably done, on offer and described correctly as not ancient.

They might however both eventually appear somewhere else for sale as genuinely ancient.



And what do you think of this one sold on an auction website?

Really impossible to tell from the photographs.

I'd mention that these cones are very seldom found  with so much adherent sand. If that's what it is.