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While browsing images of  classical statues I saw this one..

The  one on the left below is in The Louvre museum.

The two on the right below  look rather similar don't they?

So where does this photo come from?


On  a number of different marketing websites for this gallery

But if you look on  his website you won't find that one,

but another very similar  one.

This one.

Interestingly, another very close to this one can be found

here on another website

Also $1500


By  the same hand wouldn't you say?

In fact, same production line at the  factory?


Back to the Sadigh website we can  also find this one sold

together with a (fake) oil lamp: $6000


But on the other  website you can buy this one (same piece!) for $2000 more

And this one is indeed very much like the one we first saw!



But also the very same piece we first saw is there on that website!


Compare. It is the same piece.


Should one be surprised that  these appear for sale on two different websites?

 Not really: look at who signs the certificates of authenticity.



 Though Mr Sadigh never provides  particularly large and clear images the other seller (if indeed the 'other' seller is a diferent person) does often provide enlarged photos.  

So we can have a closer look to see what ancient marble does not look like.



They are all of course modern pieces and from the same workshop.


While we are about it  we might as well take a look at that lamp

one version of the torso statue is offered with.

Comes in several "finishes" from the supplier.


It has clearly been inspired by the 'Burney Relief' in the  British Museum