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Another type of fake made in Bulgaria.

This one had me fooled until I looked inside.

I think that this one comes from the same workshop as produced these other well made fakes on this page.

My  thanks to Angelo for alerting me and for the further photo.


A new series of fake Roman oil lamps on the market.


December 2009


 From David

A couple of weeks or so ago this eBay seller offered a series of lamps which he
claimed "belonged to the previous owner's father who amassed this collection
(mostly bartered from the Berber people) from the Sousse/El Djem area of Tunisa in the 1920's".

They appeared to be desirable examples of Roman lamps from North Africa.  The style and scenes were reasonably accurate but there were a few dubious aspects: for instance, the piercing of those with handles looked a bit too large, some of the types didn't look "quite right" (e.g. a mingling of different volutes on multi-nozzle specimens).

Perhaps most significant of all  -  the fabric looks completely wrong for that region. There was also an alarming lack of slip on those which should have slip.

The seller is currently offering another series:

I have no doubt that all these lamps are fakes. They are fairly convincing at first sight and I thought it might be wise to post a warning.


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