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All these lamps are offered with this description:

This lamp along with a collection of others which I will be listing/have listed over the next/last few days/weeks belonged to the previous owner's father who amassed this collection (mostly bartered from the Berber people)  from the Sousse/El Djem area of Tunisa in the 1920's. as these were from a private collection most of them are in an untouched/as found condition, having been stored away for a number of years.

Some rather unusual ones too.



And when one looks at the group as whole..........

Same mould different discus scene! Not possible unless the makers is manufacturing them in a manner quite unlike the Romans made their lamps.


 From David


More or less, yes. I imagine the same patrix was used to make the body part of a series of moulds, and then different patrices were used to stamp the varying
discus decorations on them.

The scenes are accurate and are probably surmoulage copies taken from real lamps.  That would also explain the consistently poor definition on all these
fakes.  Note that, unlike a group of genuine lamps from this region, not one of
these fakes has a sharp scene.

And of course the fabric of most of the fakes is a dead giveaway anyway.

These mardru04 fakes really become blatantly obvious the more you look at them - particularly when seen together - but they pass at first glance and the eBay punters seem to be snapping them up.



And conversely, different bases and same discus mould.



A particularly silly fake and pastiche.

Where does the oil go in??!!



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