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December 9th 2009


Lasst week this ebay seller was listing the lamps shown on the previous pages  as:


This lamp along with a collection of others which I will be listing over the next few days/weeks belonged to the previous owner's father who amassed this collection (mostly bartered from the Berber people)  from the Sousse/El Djem area of Tunisa in the 1920's.  As these were from a private collection most of them are in an untouched/as found condition, having been stored away for a number of years.


Now she offers these.

I know it's a she not a he because someone I know was in comunication wioth her and though she was offered ample proof that they were duff she decided to persist all the same.

This lamp along with other Holy Land area lamps which I have listed at the moment, came from a local estate.




Does she not think it odd that these lamps are in exactly the same fabric?

Quiite apart  from which they are of course (not very good) fakes.

This Menorah lamp fake is a well known one.

Pic of it on David's website too.

5th February 2010.

These Bulgarian makde fakes are not only appearing on eBay in great numbers but at auction houses too!

Here with the original it's taken from.


668 to 672 above are fakes made in Bulgaria.

And 684 to 687 below are also.



More forgeries of Roman oil lamps now appearing at respectable auction houses.