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This interesting ring on offer for $995 on eBay.



Is it gold?

Or is it silver and painted of gilded?


In any event it's actually a reproduction bought from this website.




This fingerring is from a private collection Wiesbaden made like two dolphins, separated by a trident with a stylized laurel wreath on top. The bezel with the inscription ViVAS. Origin item in bronze, approx. 2-3. C. AD.  Worldwide are only existing 2 rings of this type, one in bronze and on in silver found between Cologne and Neuss.


And this one was sold earlier.


Description: Roman gold ring in the form of two intertwined snakes facing opposite directions. The snakes' details, including the scales on their skin and their eyes, are delineated through small incisions. The snake motif was very common in Roman jewelry. It was thought to protect against the evil eye


Very nicely made.

Seems it's only made in silver by the fellow who makes these fine reproductions.

 See the next page for several of these being sold by another seller on eBay.

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