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The Bulgarian counterfeiting workshops are now following a trend, away from mass produced to individually made fake rings.

The widely available  "vintage" pieces, replicas and "ethnic" pieces, especially from the Far East are still sold by some fake sellers as genuinely ancient, not infrequently with profit margins over 1000%.  It seems worth the risk.


The rings from this region are often worked "coarse".

Sometimes basic models of the past are used and reworked. 


When attempting to make the surfaces of the rings "genuine", the objects are almost brutally trimmed to "old."

Combinations of acid, livers sulfur , violent damage and partial deep artificial scratches are supposed to convey authenticity.


Well then still some parade examples of badly made fakes.

Made in Bulgaria. All sold at high prices.


Not to forget the many "simple" bronze and silver rings.

"Attractants" for the bargain hunters, sold a hundredfold and yet they find buyers every time.


Followed by some fakes made in France.

Professionally worked rings, nice looking ........ but not in the least authentic. 



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