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From Chris.

An enormous amount of useful information, especially abut fake rings on the artefakes forum.



Legion rings - Fake sellers Money Maker - The must-have of all collectors:


Legionary rings produced in Yugoslavia, Serbia, Bulgaria, are flooding the market. These forgeries offered over middle-men in the USA, UK and also France, sometimes Germany, often reach fantasy prices.  It seems that the Roman Empire was limited only to the Serbian and Romanian territory. And the complete leadership of the Roman Empire including all legions and their higher ranks lost their rings there.


Legion rings are very rarely preserved, but the seller of the following rings offers two legion rings per week. To date, were sold:

three rings of Legion I, four from leg. III, five from leg. VI , each two from leg. VII and XI, followed by single sales of leg. XXI and XXII

And, of course, the engraved eagle, which can be assigned at will to a legion.


All these rings were offered by coinscollecting59 within 10 days


Same seller also sells band rings spiced up with legion number or inscription as genuine.


There is a lively exchange among the fake dealers. Ideas are copied, rings imitated and engravings taken over. A few Latin words (sometimes totally out of place) and the whole thing looks like real knowledge.


......or they copy from real legion rings


Probably the most brazen deceit was this legion ring. An obvious real ring. The original engraving of the gem was over-engraved. Clearly recognizable.


Below a non-sorted small selection of the usual legion fakes. Some imaginative, some by their simplicity rather authentic. Some exaggerated damaged.