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Fake Roman gold rings and fake modern intaglios abound on eBay .

But lets start with an interesting coincidence.

Make of it what you may.



   From Ramon on the yahoo group


If these sellers ( quartet) do not read ancientartifacts you may see

these rings often in the future.




Oh dear, a new ring type!


For those who do not know what "the quartet" stands for send a message to Ramon on the yahoo group !




  Comment  By KMD


Looking at both of these rings, although in different condition,

one can clearly see that they are made from the very same mold.


Not an ancient mold either, ancient molds were almost entirely, so-called, "face", molds, made of one low-relief surface. These were made of rigid materials, such as stone, clay, or plaster, but in this case, both have come from the same modern flexible mold.


Not only do both show the Gorgon rotated slightly in the bezel, but if you look carefuly, you can see the same small declivity in the bezel edge, just to the left of the Gorgon's tongue, right at 6 o'clock.


There is a slight anomaly at the top edge too, around 12 o'clock, but it's not as distinct, probably where the mold seam runs, or where a vent was poked through the mold at that point.


Geee, $253 bucks, $290 odd bucks?




Cast six to a mold, and about two dollars's worth of silver!




22 August

Ramon has brought yet another of these to our attention.

He says that he has also seen a few of these in Germany.


Three such pieces from the same seller , one in June, one in July, and now another one.


I am going to ask the seller...........





What do you think..............?


Same mold?


The seller says......



Response from legion_8

Item: R129.Greaco Roman silver ring Gogonian NICE (7345067063)

This message was sent while the listing was active.

legion_8 is the seller.

This is the same ring.I sold him,but buyer never paid me ,and I relist for 3 time
Rumen it the same ring????

I'm not so sure.

Why has he taken three different pics if it is the same ring?


NOTE: The first instance was a different eBay ID from the last two instances. One presumes that it is the same person however.




There are only side views of two of the they are , to  compare.




   23rd August


The seller removed the item from his listings after my enquiry!


     1st September 7332896457


I contacted the buyer whom the seller said had not paid him.

He told me  he had paid and had then sent the ring back because he considered it to be a fake!




   From Dorian

16th January 2006


Another from the same mould and of course from the same seller.

Actually, now that I have placed the image here I can see that it''s the same ring as the one on the right above; the three shown together.


I will ask him about it.


No reply to questions!






 From Chris

A new type which has appeared on eBay this last year.


draconarius (posted July 21,  2007)
karakalas (posted August 5, 2007)
ber1yn (posted August 26, 2007)
gweilo (art. 290180510060 posted at sirhoward2002 Nov. 12, 2007)
sirhoward2002 (posted Nov. 12, 2007)
11cats_and_dogs11 (posted Febr. 6, 2008)
maniahistoria1 (posted Febr. 5, 2008)

maximinus435 (posted today Febr. 10, 2008) and also in a new design namely gold plated



And another !


  From Ramon

17th April 06   7401277720






 From Joanne

3rd April 07


They are now so commonly touted as genuine that lots of sellers who don't know better, are offering them as genuine.



1st July 06

And another.




....and then some turned up in the  diferent setting and band type.



A slightly different version, made by a craftsman in Eastern Europe and sold perfectly honestly as a "reproduction".



    From Ramon

20th February 2006


Logical explanation please.  6584780090   positive feedback  6590121706   positive feedback


Well, it's more interesting than that!



Top: the one sold twice

Middle: another, said to be in silver, sold by moonlord

Bottom: yet another , in bronze.


The second and third are from the same mould surely.

(See the flaw above the second billow of the streamer?)

Surely this cannot happen with a genuine ancient single use mould.



And another!

Although probably not from the same mould.


 From Ramon

17th April 06   6612338230




Sellers of fakes buy from other sellers of that they can sell to you!


From Ramon

19th april 06

karakalas ex victor83UK also sold this  6602437156to lordsiren








   From Ramon

13th May 06

Similar fakes have been published on the web as such.



January 2007

They keep coming.......



From Mike

12th May 07


The horse returns!




 From Mike


5th February 2008


Our old friend is back.




Haven't been especially  looking but haven't noticed one of this type of fake around for a little while.

Now one appears on eBay again.


December 2009

Since ebay threw a lot of sellers of fakes off ebay this ring continues to sell (from sellers of fakes who have crept back with new IDs!) but now as Roman "style"....

And the same person who used to sell this ring as genuine now sells it as "Thracian style".


Sort of confirms that they always knew it was a fake.



November 2010.


And they keep churning them out!



More recently, maybe because of this page on this website, they are offered as "reproductions".



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