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19th april 06

These rings  on sale from the same seller at the same time!

Described differently.

Both are fake.




And this one as well.....also listed at the same time.

It is from the same modern workshop of course.


    From Ramon

21st May 06

This engagement ring has a rare and unique design. The bezel is held by two hands, one on each side. The inscription is in old Slavic and translates "REMEMBRANCE".


Rare and unique design ?  7416626234  7407911740  7403534502  7409278786


1 and 4 same dealer. 2 and 3 same dealer (sold twice I think)

Seen some more since December.



   From F

14th December 06

Ive been following this steady trickle of rings from German based
sellers for over a couyple of years now.

I put together a post and a composite of many examples which you
can see here:

What I believe we have here is a very talented individual designing and producing 'repros' which are then fenced through a small number of ebay sellers. Very little negative feedback is ever received.


All rings are a good wearable size for a modern male. Typically 18.5-21 mm internal.

The finish or 'state of preservation' of the metal is near identical in each case. (and usually near perfect)This would be consistent with a commonly applied method of artifical patination.

Although no two have ever been the same, there are design themes which are repeated. Many have military motifs. Most bear little resemblance to any 'roman' rings other than those offered by these sellers.

In many of the more conventional designs, the tapering part of the band looks stikingly similar, suggesting that the smith is working from a common simple cast which he then shapes by hand.


The execution of the designs on the metal suggests that they have been tooled in exactly the same way. None seem chip carved or worked with fine chisels. None have stamped or punched patterning. The use of fine point rotary tools is strongly suggested.

I defy anyone to look at my picture and argue that most of these are
not the work of the same person.



I agree!

You can  find them here:


From Ramon

4th July 07

Similar style.... 190128830462



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