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From Chris

19th March 08

The miraculous journey of a forgery through the world-wide ebay fake net.

Same ring sold by rajusha.123 (posted27th January)
va85 (posted September 28, 2007)
maximinus435 (posted October 1, 2007)
knights_corner (posted Dezember 21, 2007),
legion viii (posted Dezember 26, 2007),
karakalas (posted November 6, 2007).
sirhoward (posted February 26, 2008)



Now being offered cleaned up and sparkling!


The counterfeiting artist produced them in different materials (silver, bronze, silver partially gold plated)

The sellers sold them as knights-templar ring, Byzantine ring, Roman ring and Medieval ring.


7th January 2009.

Ebay has supposedly thrown a lot of sellers of fakes off ebay but look what has crept on.

A new different ring band variation.


Another forgery highlight. At the moment the Thai counterfeiting artist produces them with two different coin inlays. Patina and damages are all the same.

sold from:

mysticalil in November 2007 (posted at siamtalisman Nov. 24, 2007)
mysticalil in February 2008   (posted February 11., 2008)
siamtalisman                      (posted Nov. 24, 2007)



And now Ladies and Gentlemen, castle*gates now roman_cg_antiquities   - the flagship of some further forgery branches on ebay presents........

A fantastic goldring made in Thailand, provenance " Bellingham's of London (origin-Mideast within international and US embargo laws)." *

Followed by mysticalil here sold as Holy Roman gold ring. (First image)........... ....and then siamtalisman who offered this nice gold ring as Roman Ring coming from Italy.(Second image)

Follwed by Nosferatudracul (a branch of roman_cg-antiquities aka castle*gates) the ring again! (third image) with the following assuring text:

 "(Not a Cheap Asian Copy) (No word games; this is real, genuine gold;  unfortunately eBay is so saturated with rip-off misleading sellers)" *


And ancient_heirlooms (branch of roman_cg_antiquities aka castle*gates) followed:

 " This is not a cheap Asian reproduction!
List an authentic item and 2 weeks later you see 20 of them from a host of Asian sellers (our bidders tell us they're plastic!) --sold from a small Asian country that "happens" to suddenly have hundreds of Medieval, Roman and Ancient items (when was the last time ANYTHING authentic or original came from an Asian country)?
BIDDERS Beware!"

On March 15, 2008 he offered another cloned Asian version with the following text:

You are bidding on a beautiful and elegant Holy Roman Empire 22k-23k
Gold Ring with a Carnelian Gemstone upon which an intaglio is carved of a
Rampant Zebu Bull; a famed animal with spiritual qualities since ancient Babylonian Times!
This ring has the classic Roman trademark of one to
three orbs of pure gold; typically on one side. The purpose of this is unknown but we do know these orbs make such antiquities highly desirable.The Roman Empire produced some of the finest pieces tutored by the Greeks. This fine ring was made of the hollowed gold technique rendering a strong, wearable piece with a striking design dating from the eighteenth to the earliest of the nineteenth century; it is in excellent shape!.

 * Original text of sellers in italics



Here a well known forgery ring - READY FOR HOLLYWOOD`s WALK OF FAME - 

Cloned innumerable times - sold from
draconarius three times (posted July26, September 5, 2007 and January 23, 2008),
from karakalas three times(posted August 13, 2007, December 2, 2007 and January 12, 2008),
from empire_gallery 1 time (posted September 1,2007),
from sirhoward2002 2 times (posted November 19, 2007 and February 26, 2008)),
from knights_corner 1 time (posted November 12, 2007,
from ber1yn = alcientbulkseller 1 time (posted November 21, 2007)
from maximinus435 1 time (posted February 5, 2008),
from cronus-123 1 time (posted January 19, 2008)..........................UNTIL TODAY !!!!!!!!

The year just started !

PS. The new Hit this year: Gold plated forgery items



From Ramon

20th April 08


From maximinus435
From legion_vi

and others............

Not very expensive,except one. Over US $253.00) . Attributed to Julius Caesar. Really tempting for newbies. Poor buyer.


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