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  From Ramon

19th April 06

From various sellers on eBay.

1 and 2. From the same seller, victorianantiquities

From the same seller; selektoria. Didn't even bother to try to disguise the fact that it's the same photo!


Number 5 from anubis-afterlife

Number 5

Another one!

18th Dec 06



And yet another!


9th Jan 07


These are said to be very early bronzes of Aphrodite Anadyomene.

They are of course nothing of the kind.

They are all pretty bad forgeries.

This is what an early  bronze Aphrodite Anadyomene looks like.





  From Ramon

Uglier than the Thracian Venus Anadyomene!


I will ask.........



Who or what does this statue represent?

Are you sure it's genuine? Does not look like bronze and it's unusual for a Roman bronze of this size to be hollow.




I bought it as an antiquity. I offer a money back guarantee; I wish I knew more about Roman mythology so I can't help you with the representation. thanks for your interest. Peace, tom


Hello Tom,

That's honest of you...but your website says:

Nile Art Gallery specializes and deals only in Egyptian art: Pharaonic; Greco-Roman; Coptic and Islamic Art. We have over 25 years experience in the antiquity business and are true experts in the field

This piece you are listing is definitely not ancient.





15th August 07


They keep coming...............!!

From a well known seller.


.......and more!!


Why do I think that these two fakes are made in the same factory?




Take a look here>>>>>

Still very popular!


This series of the fake Aphrodite Anadyomene sold on eBay for never more than $100.

If you want one with a certificate of authenticity you will need to pay $400. But maybe you will get a discount if you buy more than a dozen at a time.



If you didn't want to spend $400, how about this?

Aslo with a COA.

A close up of one sold on eBay.



The nice thing about this one is that you will find it for sale several times on that website, shown in slightly different positions and in different colours! so you can colour coordinate it with the curtains in your room?



Just as you can buy two colour versions of this rather dreadful "Roman bronze" of Hercules.



This fantastic range of colours to choose from applies to many of the "Roman bronzes" sold there. All with certifcates of authenticity and as they say:



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