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 From Ramon

7th October 2006 280028634593 klauvia 260029084049 selektoria 170016264314 empire gallery 270029776233 karakalas 160038270941 clairecoins "scarce"

Sure thing; very scarce!



Still appearing on eBay years later and still selling like hot cakes!


24th October 06

On eBay at the same  time.



........and a bit roughed up.

Watch out; more will appear soon!


  From Ramon

29th Oct 06

"Watch out; more will appear soon!"

Here it is

From chicho61 .Everything he has for sale is fake.

Actually, it looks like the same piece; same pic.

But I'll leave this here.

More will follow.

  From Ramon

I do not think its the same pic. At least the base is different.

See the following twins from zlatina5931 (A) and chicho61 (B).
A. 110015327853
B. 110038240395



Yes, those are different pics.

And the bases are  different.

More to come?

(You can choose your colour combination)


More fake Roman bronze artifacts from the same the same time!