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  From Jnr

19th Feb 07


Check these 190082067187 280062348794 300063523350


From the thracian group.




Notice how one seller changes the colour tone of the photo to make you think.....



23rd December 2009

And yet more..........



 From Jnr

8th August 07

Any opinions ? 300139352581 270130486441

From klauvia and from ber1yn


  From Greg

Isn't it interesting - from the point of religious studies - that both figures have been mutilated in exactly the same way? The removal of hand and both feet surely indicates some cult practice hitherto unrecorded - perhaps the diminution or even total removal of any powers intrinsic to the demon represented. One cannot be too careful in dealing with demonic powers!. What a pity that the context of discovery of these fascinating items is apparently not recorded,
otherwise I might have felt an fascinating lecture coming on. I wonder if more will be found. Thank you for drawing them to our attention.


I rather suspect that we wil see more of these on eBsy soon!!




 From Jnr

15th August 07

Medieval CIRCA 13 C AD 260149693585
When young,Roman, 2/3 CEN.AD 270149595003



From the jonesnes-karakalas stables Balkans
Yet another

And another.This one with some sort of operation in his right hind leg.




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