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Take one fake Venus Anadyomene and one fake zoomorphic headed key......

.......and hey presto!

You have this!

(Different sellers of fakes on eBay: but from the same factory)


Another two.


  • As for these panther head keys, they come from the same factory but are  done  with slightly different surface treatments.

  • They have been a really successful procduct on eBay.  Hundreds of them have been sold to gullible buyers as genuine Roman keys.




As quite a few of these fake keys are from the same master mould....think about it....would they have made so many keys to fit the same lock? Where is the security in that!?


Watch out for new combinations.


See the one above, the silly "Roman" soldier?

Well the factory sells various preposterous soldiers and other figurines on their own and as variants as keys.



And see the lion handled key above?

Here's another:



And more........

And yet more....none are genuine.


And of course our old favourite.....

Notice the variations of fake patina on these types.


With those made in bronze and iron, don't be deceived by the very rusty iron parts.

It's not difficult with the appropriate chemicals to make new iron look very ancient and rusty.

Compare these two:




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 From Jnr

16th August 07 clairecoins TG karakalas ber1yn




From Jnr

18th August 07


Repros sold as genuine

From arbogates.

Sold as a reproduction. bust of Serapis Venus



From disreputable karakalas blacklist member sold as authentic bust of Serapis.

From disreputable maximinus435 blacklist member Venus.

Quite a popular reproduction sometimes sold as genuine.

....and the key variation!


A new combination:

(Remember this face: you will see it again at the bottom of the page after next.)

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