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Renate and Shawn's interesting exchange summarized



Looking on eBay I saw brooches that have the same shape as mine has,  but all were longer soaked in whatever. Mine is black, has a smooth surface and some green patina. After dropping acetone on the back side, some patina came off.

3. d) - 230058673771 - relicstreme The patina of this piece looks as smooth as the patina on my dual dolphin. The seller already offered it a few times. Can it be real? - Auction was suddenly ended tonight.



This piece is genuine style though it is Thraco-Getish from Bulgaria, southern Romania and western Serbia and not/not from UK. It is also not "Greek" as described by many vendors. They date to circa 3rd century BC. Is this actual example genuine or fake? I can't tell from the image alone.


e) - 230058625037 - relicstreme This
was sold by black listened stigs-antiquities before I believe (saved pictures). The seller already offered and sold it a few times before. The preservation is perfect. Can it be real? - Auction was suddenly ended tonight.


Again, this type is genuine and this time a UK variety. Hard to tell from images alone if this one is genuine. It is in great shape but then again some are. If so it has been very well cleaned and should be worth about $100 or more. Strikes me as quite a complex item to fake.


5. f)


You are right that the foot area does look "Balkanish". I am no expert of British trumpet brooches but I know there is a huge variety. One of these brooches in this state of preservation would be worth quite a lot and therefore should be bought from a very trustworthy vendor only.

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