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From Renate


See how often this design was listed on ebay this month and last month:



Described variously as "Roman", "Celtic", "Frankish",

"Gothic", Medieval and Ostragoth and dating from 1st to 6th century! 


Might be better described as Balkans and dating to the 21st century!


Interesting that they come from the factory without pins.

Sooner or later they wil make some with pins!


4th April 08

Well, only one certain way to prove this.

I arranged to buy the example shown above on the right and another from an eBay seller in Canada. The other is from a voluminous seller of fakes in the UK.

The pictures  tell all you need to know.

Both have artificial "patinas" of different colour.

It does not come off with acetone or alcohol.

It is chemically induced.

These two are fromthe same mould.

I'm willing to believe that the seller in Canada did not know that this is a fake but the seller in the UK must surely know.


27th July '10.

This page was created over 5 years ago.

An eBay seller who was thrown off ebay for some while for selling fakes but then came back has more recently started listing such as this.....



....and such as which I went to some lengths to convince him were actually fakes but received  olnly increasingly abusive emails in return.


He now lists his things, the very same things he sold many hundreds of at enormous profit as genuine antiquities like this:

I've been buying Roman artifacts on eBay since I started 10 1/2 years ago. Many were from the Balkans. Many came with COAs. Six years ago I started importing "unsorted" 10 kilo lots from Bulgaria. At first I was impressed with the quality and variety of the items. I was finding things I had never seen on eBay! This went on for about a year. After the fourth shipment I noticed a few exact duplicates of items I already had in my collection. My first discovery was a pair of damaged bronze arrowheads. Both had exactly the same imperfections, indicating they both came from the same mold. I expected a fake to be in great condition. Now I must assume that everything I bought from Bulgaria is a reproduction.

 Do I believe him?

No. I do not.




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