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Unusually inexpensive !





Part words, no context  and not likely on a Roman diploma but rather copied from a religious dedication formula.


Look carefully, the letters are cut through the surface accretions!



And more knowlegeable collectors will see what is wrong here:


From Ittai:


....and the very square letter forms should, if anything, be early - 2nd or 1st century BC - but then the loop of the letter P should still be open, whereas it is here closed.



And another!

Same comments apply.

This one however is more money.


It is not a Roman diploma, but a Sabean inscribed votive plaque from Yemen, South Arabia.  But it is not a genuine one.



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On the other hand you could buy it for much less and a fake ushabti would be thrown in for free!

The seller says online, indeed very helpfully:


'It's pretty common to see stolen artifacts and counterfeit items on the market, here in the U.S. and elsewhere, which is a huge problem...'While it may be impossible to stop the sale of frauds, consumers can do a few things to protect themselves,' Sadigh continued...Buyers can decrease their risk of purchasing fake or counterfeit items by only purchasing from reputable dealers and seeking a second opinion if they have any doubts. What’s more, most quality dealers will offer a money-back guarantee if a buyer isn't satisfied with a purchase'


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And howcome they come in diferent colours.



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