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I'm most obliged to Chris on the discussion forum at  this website for drawing my attention to the increasing habit of sellers of fakes on eBay to buy quite well made replicas from a person in Germany and then sell them on eBay as genuine ancient artifacts......with Certificates of Authenticity too!


I don't want to note the details of the website where these are from as I do not want to encourage other such people into doing the same! The website address is however mentioned on the that forum several times.

From the same seller and also with a Certificate of Authenticity  this ring which they have bought several of and treated to make look different.


And still from the this seller, who has bought quite a bit from this maker of replicas, another one and again treated to make it look different the second time they sold it.


And again!

This time they put a dent in the ring to make it look different!

They write here: "We are honest sellers who stand by our guarantee...."

And from a different seller on eBay


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