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8th May 06

All of these bone, suposedly Roman phallic amulets listed at the same time by empire_gallery.

Whereas bone amulets exist, these are all by the same hand.

What is the chance of finding this many together after nearly 2000 years?



 From markgr

1st July 06

This one is another style that I am seeing many the same on ebay - must be a bunch of fakes from the same mold.




Yes, it tries to copy a known type but does not do it very well.


I am always more leery of the silver ones, even more of the gold ones.  What do you think of this silver one - the ring doesn't look right to me.






Again, trying to copy those that  have pubic hair; but again does it very poorly.


I'm sure this one is fake too






Well, I'm always  surprised when a genuine piece slips through the net and appears on offer from this seller!


   From markg

12th August 06

This is advertised as a sexual amulet; vaginal.




You are bidding on an authentic ancient Roman bronze fertility amulet. Worn as a charm around the neck, wearing women's reproductive organ as jewelry was supposed to ward off the evil eye and bring good luck along with fertility. Extremely rare 1800-1900 year-old artifact of ancient Roman times. Fantastic item of the highest rarity and value so don't miss your chance to bid before this item is gone into history forever! The height is 4.7 cm, 4.0 cm wide, and 1.0 cm deep, weighing in at a whopping 61 grams. Fully wearable!


But actually it's a palm thimble.

Held in the hand opposite from the one holding the needle.



10th December 06

This is an interesting invention!



28th January 09

Some small bone phallic amulets hiting the market recently in large numbers.

Made in Bulgaria. Sold as "Roman".

Actually made in the last one year.