I know next to nothing about these sorts of artifacts and I do not handle them, but I know that many antiquities collectors do acquire one or two such items.



  • Fake Stone age Implements  This is a good website to visit in order to protect yourself against the likelihood of buying fakes


From gwaters  (Thanks!)



Kenny Spillers owns web site, very honest.  Kenny is in law enforcement and retains great contacts in the collecting community. Has a good assortment of Southeast, mainly Florida artifacts.



 Alton Martin has this web site, very honest and has a great knowledge of North American, Central American and Chinese (Han, Tang) Pottery/Ceramics in general. This site has diversity for several areas of collecting. This includes Arrowheads, Old Bottles, Beads, Reference Books, Early US Military, Pipes, Fossils, Axes, Celts and display cases.



 Jackie Fuller owns this site, honest, well known as a "hands on" collector, in other words he dives the rivers and has had personal finds experience for quite some time. I have to rank this site high as to the quality of Florida points available.


The Paleo Enterprises site ( see "good dealer" -above) will probably be the best for information concerning collecting, ownership and general information. Dr. Jim Tatum recently retired from teaching at the University of South Florida. His son Carlos when it comes to authenticating I believe he is second to none. He can look at nearly any stone tool, North American, Danish to Mayan, he has the gift. He will however only "paper" North American" items.



Tom Davis is probably the most respected and well known dealer in the US for selling and authenticating. I like Tom, met him a few times, I feel he is honest. Has a wide national variety of Indian artifacts.