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Another on offer by the same seller as before, selling from Dubai.


The description 'museum quality' is sort of true as it is copied from a plaque in the British Museum.

Though they are shown the same size here in fact the  original genuine plaque is 26.3 cm wide but the fake copy only 22 cm .


It was discovered at Ur in 1925/6 on the 4thCampaign of the Joint Expedition of the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania and the British Museum.

The faker completely misunderstood something essential in the ritual libation scene: the figures should be shown naked.


It shows the king as a priest performing the ritual libation in front of the Moon God. He is entirely naked, as is the priest in the panel below who performs in front of the shrine.

And while discussing libation scenes, take a look at this one.

On offer on eBay from the UK branch of the seller in Dubai.


On this occasion the faker has made quite a good copy.

The original was incised on shell, the copy appears to be stone.


The same seller in the UK offers this.


This is copied from an incised plaque found at Nippur by Hermann V. Hilprecht on the  Babylonian Expedition to Nippur III,  in 1896 It was published  here


As the makers of these fakes do not understand the iconography of what  they try to copy they are bound to make significant mistakes. 

This, from the same seller is described as....


On the original there appear to be six necks , but definitely seven heads as indeed this monster is supposed to have.

It is Lotan, the seven headed sea serpent depicted in Ugaritic mythology. Here is shown it being slain by Ninurta the patron god of Lagash.

It is incised on shell and dates to 2500 NB  - 2400 BC, Proto-Dynastic III, It is held in the Bible Lands Museum (BLMJ), Jerusalem, Israel, no. 2051

And from the same seller two items by the same hand. Each carefully broken and repaired to add to the impression of great age.


This seller offers many, sometimes quite well made, fake cuneiform tablets too.  SEE HERE>>>>