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"Syro-Hittite" figurines


These are extremely problematic and the vast majority of these on offer online, especially on eBay, are fakes.


That said, there are often examples of the goddess figurines sold on eBay where the head is mostly genuine but the rest is new clay.


The pieces immediately below are, in my estimation likely to be genuine.

In general, I would say that you are more likely to be buying a genuine piece if it it the head alone.




Here is a restored piece.

The head might be genuine but..........

I have removed the thin surface so that you can see what is clearly new material beneath.




Here are more fakes; taken from eBay's offerings today.






While we are on this subject and as there is this pic above, bear in mind that genuine double headed figures are very rare...but are a favourite of the fakers.


Another example which I have toppled over in the glass cabinet and snapped in two. It has seemingly broken across a previous repair line but it's interesting to see the inner core with the covering of fine clay.




And below we can compare the inner structure with a couple of genuine fragments.



Updating this page ten years later.....


Or if you want an unbroken fake, there are many to choose from!



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