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    This one from AldoTT

8th May 06

A slightly different type of fake.





Another new variant.

11th December 07.




February 5th 2010.

Although eBay has recently thrown a number of sellers of fakes off eBay, this sort of nonsense is still appearing there.

Theese are from the same little factory.


Here, rather unusually, is an entirly genuine example.

This is a nice example of the North Syrian type. It is  Late Bronze Age, circa  1900 BC -1700 BC


But alas, most new collectors appear to be buying such as these. From a very large online operation. Up to $600 each!


Do not be fooled by presentation.


The online images for these are very dark. I have lightened the photo of it in the frame above: and also lightened the photo of the figurine, below. So you can see it properly.


July 2010.


On the basis that two heads is better than one?



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