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On eBay.


Very cheap!


Whether a slip of the tongue/finger or not, it is indeed misdated.

But it should actually be not 5000 BC but like 2010 AD.


One can buy them here: albeit for a lot more money.


Lots of them on the market...

What the surfaces if these should not look like

Rather strangely, some described as "Indus Valley Tel Halaf"

About 2000 miles off.

Another rather pregnant  looking one.

Also unequivocally not ancient.



They are coming onto the market in some quantity. Now on eBay too. Of course.

I'm sure that the seller honestly believes it to be genuine. He has after all provided very good photos. So we can easily see that it is actually modern.


These types of rather poorly made fakes are generally much larger than genuine Tell Halaf figurines: from 10cm - 18cm.

Some purchased and then artificaily aged and then sold as genuine.

Others painted and then sprayed with fake 'grime'.




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