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January 2016



There were a surprisingly large number of fake figurines of the Tell Halaf type on eBay and  elsewhere  in latter part of 2015


And another thing,  strange how many are described as 'Indus Valley Tell Halaf...'

There is approximately 1700 miles between North East Syria where these have been found and the Indus Valley in Pakistan!


Also notable is the fact that several sellers of these have offered many  which are very clearly from the  same factory.

Even offering them all at the same time!


This eBay seller sells all as 'Indus Valley, Tell Halaf...'


I asked one of these sellers (actually asked them all but only two replied)   how did they make this attribution of 'Indus Valley'

The seller replied: 'same type of artefact sold by a specialist online auction website - they have a panel of experts and know their stuff!'

So easy to work it out - just google  'Indus Valley Tell Halaf'

Another  seller of these fakes told someone else who enquired: 'These items came from a antiquity trader which traders buy from, as he is a proven source' (sic)

One from this factory  sold elsewhere, honestly  as a reproduction.

 And in 2010 one sold on eBay as a reproduction.

Another seller on eBay who sells many different types of fakes.

Also describes them incorrectly . Clearly from the same supplier.


Another eBay seller supplied by a different factory.

I have discussed this type on the previous page.


These are available freshly made, partially covered in sandy stuff, and  more fully  covered in sandy stuff.

Then there is this type with the artificially eroding surface.


Several eBay sellers buy from the same supplier of course.

A sort of  pasty stuff stuck on which then dries

This type with this sort of surface has also been sold honestly as a 'reproduction' but mostly as genuine.


This one  also sold by this eBay seller B

Got inspiration from this type

Yet another eBay seller

In just one week another four sellers in eBay started offering this type.

They clearly come from the same source and one assumes that the manufacturer  contacts the eBay sellers and offers them.

Another two drawn to my attention. Thanks to Carlos.

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