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 7th August 2009.


Ebay, which was a dreadful place to buy "antiquities" has recently cleaned up it's act by throwing off numerous sellers of fakes.


You can read about the sellers of fakes on eBay on the forum at this website.



One of the sellers thrown off eBay recently for selling particularly "silly" fakes is this team, which has this website now.


At the top of their home page it says:



I am personaly happy to endorse the integrity and knowledge of the seller mentioned there!

They also say..........................

Actually Mahatma Ghandi said as such:


All our philosophy is dry as dust if it is not immediately translated into some act of living service. Live simply that others may simply live. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.


I'm not aware that he spoke much about selling tourist souvenirs as genuine antiquities?!

But we will let that pass for the moment.



They are also sending out this email:




I'm not really  sure I welcome a link to my website from a seller who knows so little that he offers a (silly fake) Wedjat and shows it upside down!


Ah well, I guess all publicity is good publicity! :o)

Some of the things they offer:


13th August


They have removed the slanderous comments and links from their website  now.


They still write:


You have nothing to lose buy with confidence
Don't miss this chance out !!!


Oh yes you do, you have your money to lose.


No, I was wrong.  They took the defamatory stuff off the home page but it's still there in an inside page.

Ah well..........



And then..................