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After a week or so they removed that nonsense but created this small website which they attracted visits to by emailing a lot of people on the yahoo ancientartifacts group.


And then 2 weeks later this silly website was removed.

They really are cross that some collectors and good dealers had them thrown off eBay!




3rd December 09


A friend emailed me to ask if I knew of this new website.


So I took a look.....


Interesting fedback.




In the past few years I have had the pleasure of a number of dealings with morrison

With unfailing courtesy and help he has enabled me to build up a small but very select collection of antiquities of various types and ages. This had been a wish of mine for a long time but I was deterred by excessive prices and a feeling of concern about advice and items being genuine.

All of that was put to rest when I met morrison; he has given me excellent advice from his wide ranging knowledge, has restrained me from making mistakes and has found particular items for me. I can trust him absolutely and his prices are realistic.

In return I am delighted to give him a testimonial for his new website and would recommend anybody to deal with him in total confidence. In particular I am drawn to his attitude that antiquities are to be seen and enjoyed, not hidden away in a never visited basement.

Norman London. May 2009.

Thanks alot morrison you guys are doing a great job in your business and you keep every word of your promises at first i would think is a fraudulent site but now i know better that the best is right here
i actually bought three item for 8000 GBP and i have one free item worth of 800 GBP as my discount you guys are turning my smallscale business into a big one thanks and keep it up


Am so happy to have found your site and to finally met with some real credibility. I have been the unfortunate victim of "egyptianseller" on e-bay. Everything that he offers has that "too good to be true" look to it, however I, and many, many others have been suckered in to purchasing anyway. My purchase was literally a plaster cast made to look old. The Plaster had that distinct freshly poured smell and it even felt slightly damp as plaster casts can take weeks to fully dry. I am going to use your link to report this guy (Michael Aziz) however I want to get my money back first. I want to pot this bloke, .What he is doing is nothing less than criminal fraud and I told him so. He is making a FORTUNE taking advantage of mugs like me and I am ticked!!!!! Thank you for your absolute honesty and credibility. It is so refreshing and thoroughly appreciated

Steve Spain .June 2009.

At first i thought it was a fraud but i bought 3 piece and one was given worth of the total items i bougt well i must have must to say that am overwelmed by your online services is fast,safe cheap.if anyone is looking for authenticity
and affordable antique pls i robertstrongly recommend you to buy with confidence from morrison antiquities
also i have been a regular buyer from this site since the year 2000
and due to my buying ability this has brought me a great deal ,in my business with those who maybe buyin otherwise i urge
to buy from reliable seler am so glad to be one of your close customers thanks alot and god bless your business,

collins fron u.k


Well, they do show some really "interesting" things!


Oh dear!



Oh dear, oh dear (again)...


A bargain at the price they mention, even though it's not an ushabti of course.


It's here.


They have taken 31 photos from my website, taken some text from Rolf's website, give an address in Aberdeen that does not exist and another address in London that is Jamie Ede!


The website is managed by:

ray raymond           
26 Akowonjo Rd. Egbeda
Lagos,234 NG
Tel. +080.37138600




If you do a search  for this address is Nigeria you wil quickly discover that this is a quite large operation which apears to specialize in scam lettings websites. Have a look!