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5297. Collection of fragmentary stamped Roman mortarium rims.
  A  group of fragmentary stamped Greco- Roman terracotta mortarium rims.  ...
95 each GBP
Roman bronze lamp: type favoured by Roman military stationed in Europe
Roman bronze lampRoman cast bronze lamp with continuous beaded rim around discus and nozzle, matchin...
275 GBP
1875. A lead amphora amulet.
A pair of lead amphora amulets, the smaller one inscribed. The larger one is rather larger than...
80 GBP
1768. Unusual: Roman bone buckle.
I've not come across such as this before: A Roman buckle and pin made from bone.The bronze cross-pin...
99 GBP
From my own collection: Roman Imperial denarii.
I'm  beginning to sell my own coin collection. These were all acquired very many years ago.Larg...
various GBP
6101. Roman bronze implement.
This nicely made bronze implement is actually pretty blunt.It is however a form which is always refe...
135 GBP
5834. Interesting small lead weight.
An interesting small lead weight. I cannot decide whether the marks are deliberately cut and are le...
95 GBP
1311. Roman bronze......what is it???
This was with a small group of Roman artifacts found in Eastern Europe.What is it?It's made of bronz...
55 GBP
279. Early oil lamp forgery in the British Museum
 This is a FAKE "Greco Roman" oil lamp made in Italy in the late 1800s.It is in ...
135 GBP
4018. Very attractive Roman Byzantine belt parts with residual gilding
A matching pair of late Byzantine gilded bronze belt parts each with a flattened gartet.One has a lo...
195 GBP
VESPASIAN Sestertius - ROMA SC Victory ex my collection
VESPASIAN  Sestertius - ROMA SC VictoryObv: Head of Vespasian, laureate, right.IMP CAES VESPASI...
345 GBP
Lucus Verus (Divus) Sestertius Rome AD 169. Very fine portrait
From my collection.LUCIUS VERUS (DIVUS) sestertius - Rome, AD 169. Smoothed but very impressive port...
450 GBP
From my collection: VESPASIAN sestertius : Salus - very fine portrait
I'm starting to sell some of the best coins in my own collection. This example with a really go...
395 GBP
From my collection: VERY RARE sestertius of GALBA with magnificent portrait
I'm starting to sell some of the best coins in my own collection. This is a very RARE sestertiu...
950 GBP
From my own collection. Very fine sestertius of Nero
I'm starting to sell some of the best coins in my own collection. This lovely sestertius of Nero has...
2500 GBP
From my own collection. Commodus sestertius - young head
I'm starting to sell some of the best coins in my own collection.  This sestertius with the you...
350 GBP
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