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Very fine electrum Hekte (1/6 stater ) of Phokaia, Ionia . ex my collection
 Electrum Hekte (1/6 stater ) of Phokaia, Ionia .Obverse: Head of youthful Pan or possibly Io t...
995 GBP
6074. Very fine and rare Greek terracotta funerary siren.
Very fine and rare terracotra funerary siren : similar to one in the Louvre.The pose here, with a ha...
2350 GBP
6030. Group of Archaic Greek terracotta votive figurines.
These are from my own collection.A group of Archaic Greek terracotta  votive objects. Probably ...
From 275 GBP
4246. Bronze Age "spectacle fibula".
Made from a single piece of beaten bronze wire, coiled to form the spiral shapes. The wire was cut f...
345 GBP
5989. Attic stemmed kylix - "band cup"
Attic stemmed kylix - "band cup" Decorated with a broad band with double palmette c...
1795 GBP
5715. Charming zoomorphic bronze.
A rather charming zoomorphic bronze. One of several I acquired from a group said to have been fou...
575 GBP
6063. An Archaic East Greek silver oinochoe.
An Archaic Greek  silver juglet with typical  flared neck/wide rim, a high arched handle a...
1195 GBP
1662. Small fragmentary Boeotian terracotta.
This small fragmentary Boeotian terracotta is prettier than the pics suggest.Hollow moulded. 40mm hi...
75 GBP
Small Bronze Sculpture from the Ancient World: Getty Publications 1990
Small Bronze Sculpture from the Ancient World.Edited by Marion True and Jerry PodanyGetty Publicatio...
60 GBP
Sicily, Gela. Silver Didrachm, c. 480 BC ex my collection
From my own collection. The obverse with the nude warrior on horseback is particularly striking I th...
1350 GBP
SOLD** From my own collection: Iconic Attic silver tetradrachm
I'm starting to sell some of the best coins in my own collection. This iconic representation of...
6056. A single Greco-Roman gold hoop earring
A single Greco-Roman gold hoop earringPresently used as a pendant on a moden gold chainThe pair of e...
425 GBP
768. Charming Greek Hellenistic bronze satyr
This small and charming bronze of a satyr seated on a rock has an interesting mottled grenmalachite ...
545 GBP
4407. Greek Hellenistic terracotta.
A Greek Hellenistic terracotta of a winged cherub mounted on a stand.Mostly covered in the original ...
355 GBP
4216. South Italian Greek kyathos
This South Italian black glazed kyathos has a black and red mottled appearance due to relatively unc...
225 GBP
Nic.1 Nice little Hellenistic bronze alabastron
A rather nice little bronze cosmetic alabastron.Weathered surface9.5 x 3.5 cmGreco -Roman, Hellenist...
245 GBP
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