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6093. Extremely fine green diorite duck weight: probably on the qedet standard
Extremely  fine green diorite duck weight: probably on the qedet standard50mm longWeight = 52.7...
2250 GBP
5834. Interesting small lead weight.
An interesting small lead weight. I cannot decide whether the marks are deliberately cut and are le...
95 GBP
5450. A bronze 2 numismata Byzantine weight.
A bronze 2 numismata Byzantine weight15mm x 15mmCf: Hendin p212, No. 3466th/7th century
55 GBP
4813. A Byzantine bronze 6 scripula weight
A Byzantine bronze 6 scripula weight the marking being inlaid in silver.15mm x 15mm
50 GBP
5270. Byzantine bronze 3 numismata weight
A Byzantine bronze 3 numismata weight 30 mm x 30 mm Weight = 26.4g Byzantine, 6th/7th century.
70 GBP
1984. Large and very heavy lead weight
This is a very hefty lead weight with a suspension loop on the top. 55mm x 50mm  x 17mm...
225 GBP
1790. Interesting bronze bull's head weight
Zoomorphic bronze weights like this were used all over the Aegean and Levant towards the end of th...
155 GBP
4843. Greek Hellenistic lead weight
An inscribed  Hellenistic lead  three uncia weight.I cannot make out the inscription and i...
175 GBP
5234. **SOLD** Attractive Old Babylonian haematite duck weight; 2/3 of a shekel
A very attractive Old Babylonian haematite duck weightWeighs 8.31g so it is 2/3 of a shekel based on...
sold GBP
1276. **SOLD** Interesting Roman weight with Greek inscription
An interesting Roman lead weight with Greek inscription.This weight is typical for late Hellenistic ...
sold GBP
198. **SOLD** Nice Byzantine metal weight
 This is a nice Byzantine commercial weight weighing 80.4 g.It is decorated and inscribed ...
sold GBP
231. **SOLD** Nice silver inlaid Byzantine weight
 This spherical commercial Byzantine weight with inlaid characters in silver which signify one ...
sold GBP
1336. **SOLD** Fine Saxon bronze weight
This is a very nice bronze Saxon weight with the typical dot and circle decoration.In splendid condi...
sold GBP
1008. **SOLD** Roman-Phoenician weight
A Roman-Phoenician weight with an incrscription. Probably a half libra weight. It weighs 161.3g. 70 ...
sold GBP

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