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5866. **SOLD** RARE amulet: Khonsu or Harpokrates?
Quite a rare type of amulet. In a light blue faience, a child god seated,  wearing his sidelock...
sold GBP
6078. Very fine green faience amulet of Re Horakhty
Very fine green faience amulet of Re HorakhtyRa-Horakhty combined the concepts of two gods. The Ra a...
545 GBP
5973. Lovely matching pair of amulets: Isis and Nephthys.
Lovely matching pair of  amulets: Isis and Nephthys. Whenever I acquire a pair of amule...
695 the pair GBP
4279b. Very nice, rather uncommon, Egyptian standing ape amulet
A rather chaming mid blue faience standing ape.One doesn't come across this type all that often...
375 GBP
4289. Good faience amulet of Thoth as seated baboon
A good blue faience anmulet of Thoth as a seated baboon.A small chip on the right side of the headdr...
425 GBP
4166. Faience amulet of Ptaikos
A good sized , double sided greeny blue faience amulet of the dwarf Ptaikos.Intact bar a small loss ...
145 GBP
5824. A really nice faience Djed amuet
A  particularly nice small green faience Djed amulet.Intact. A good size. 27mm high.Late Period...
175 GBP
5678. Particularly fine little light blue faience amulet of Isis.
A particularly fine little light blue faience amulet of Isis With really very good detailing I...
375 GBP
6077. Fine small Triad amulet: Isis, Nephthys and Horus
Good detail for its size.Interesting piercing at back to a allow sewing onto mummy wrappings rather ...
425 GBP
5846. Small faience amulet of Shu .
A small blue faience amulet of Shu ,  shown in stylised form kneeling and holding up the sky....
115 GBP
4465. Large ithyphallic faience amulet.
This is a type of faience amulet that was never actually glazed but rather painted. There ar...
275 GBP
4489. Light blueish green faience wedjat amulet
Nice blue/green glossy faience amulet of the eye of Horus.Intact.19mm.Egyptian, Late Period, circa 5...
155 GBP
4142. Large green faience amulet of Ptaikos
A large green faience amulet of the dwarf-like Ptaikos. Complete and intact. Intact. 43 mm Late D...
320 GBP
5260. Fine and fairly rare hardstone pesh-kef amulets.
A pair of very fine and fairly rare hardstone pesesh-kef amulets. The pesesh-kef was a stone...
from 195 GBP
4103. Rather sweet faience amulet of Ptaikos.
A nice double sided greenish blue faience amulet of the dwarf Ptaikos.Pierced for suspension.Intact,...
115 GBP
5108. Really nice little faience amulet of Nut
A really nice deep greenish blue faience amulet  of Nut as a sowIntact15mm.Late Period circa 50...
145 GBP
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