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Items in category FIBULAE and BROOCHES:
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4246. Bronze Age "spectacle fibula".
Made from a single piece of beaten bronze wire, coiled to form the spiral shapes. The wire was cut f...
290 GBP
BOOK: A Visual Catalogue of Richard Hattatt's Ancient Brooches
A Visual Catalogue of Richard Hattatt's Ancient Brooches. 2007. Soft back, 103 pages of thou...
25 GBP
4087. Large early Halstatt Celtic bronze fibula.
 A very large, handsome, bronze Celtic fibula of a fairly rare type at this size. In good ...
390 GBP
5392. Simple but elegant silvered or tinned P shape fibula
A simple but elegant silvered or  tinned P shape fibulaRetaining quite a lot of the surface sil...
125 GBP
5304. Nice silver Celtic fibula.
A really nice silver Celtic fibula.This brooch form is most often found in bronze.Also in gold. The&...
295 GBP
4658. Fine and large Celtic "Schusselfibel" bronze fibula.
A particularly large Celtic  "Schusselfibel" (spoon shaped) bronze fib...
130 GBP
4125. Five Finno-Ugric "Omega" brooches
Here are several different types of Finno-Ugric 'Omega' brooch in bronze.They vary in dating from 12...
95 each GBP
5287. Interesting fibula brooches: only one left
Three interesting Roman bronze fibula brooches.They all have rather nice very dark glossy patinas.Al...
145 each. GBP
1409. **SOLD** An ENORMOUS Greek fibula
This is a good example of the very early East Greek  type of fibula found mostly at a...
sold GBP
190. **SOLD**Stunningly superb Scythian bronze fibula
This is a really very splendid piece! A very large (5.5 inches/138mm) bronze Scythian fibula...
Sold :o( GBP

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