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2074. **SOLD** RARE and named transitional 25th dynasty shabti

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 A very rare transitional 25th dynasty shabti for a man called Psamtek.

Look at the implements being held.  It carries two hoes and wears a beard. This is an unusual and very rare combination. Some of the Horemheb group are like this.

In an olive green faience wit some mottling and also some  traces of the added blue in the lines between the rows of hieroglyphs.

It is broken off at just above the feet and there is a small (old) chip off the tip off the nose/right nostril.

The back panel reads "Words to be spoken by the Osiris , the overseer of the army, Psamtek, born of..." The front panels are a version of the shabti spell.

96 mm.

25th dynasty. 760 BC-657 BC .

At the end of the 25th dynasty two major changes - one was the addition of the beard for the shabtis of commoners, the other was the change from two hoes to pick and hoe.  I think the addition of the beard came first and the variation in the tools came somewhat later.  This piece is distinctive

because it seems to come between the two changes, in the same way that some of the Horemheb group do.

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